Artist Statement

My work seeks to reconcile the displacement of familiar forms and subjects by modernity and its prevalent technological permutations. Organic forms and traditional techniques are confronted with incorporeal influences that are represented as mechanical, anomalous and disconnected.

Grommet and cord replace shape and line to manifest the tension between these dichotomies: puncturing a somewhat pristinely painted, geometric surface and then suturing the wound with soft, rounded lines of acrylic yarn. Repeating these layers of severed and restored connection create a remedial grid-form onto which I build. I intimate the undercurrent of a pulsing baseline and exploit its unifying qualities.

Informed by the canvases of Philip Guston, Euan Uglow and Piet Mondrian; Georgia O’Keeffe’s, ‘Sky above Clouds IV’ and Vincent Van Goghs’, ‘Sunflowers’; the agitative or optimistic effect of their colors and arguably loose adherence to form. Inspired by primitive quilting, ancient tapestries, ticker tape, shimmering circuit boards and the affects of chimeric DNA in my own home. Investigating and probing the juncture of these interests, at this moment in time, propels me to expose their complex and visceral dissonances.